Send to Roku TV

Enable Roku TV in Safari

Enable Roku TV in Safari!

Send to Roku is a simple Safari extension that can send browser videos to Roku TV devices. Control playback from Safari with no remote control.
Cast video from Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Facebook, Twitch, news or media collection sites or just about any platform that serves web video (MP4, MOV, live streams) and enjoy your content on big TV screens.

The extension natively supports the Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime apps (streaming channels). Additionally it can send any web video to your TV (MP4, MOV, live streams and many more).
Note: DRM protected video cannot be sent to your TV.

No extra cables, no extra apps, absolutely no configuration required - with Send to Roku you can enjoy your videos on big TV screens.

• Any Roku device: all versions of streaming sticks & media boxes
• Any TV set with Roku built in: for example, but not limited to, TCL, Sharp, Philips
• Any TV producer as long as a Roku device is connected to the TV: for example, but not limited to, Samsung, LG, Sony, Toshiba, Nvidia, Philips, Sharp, Skyworth, Polaroid, VIZIO

• Send videos to Roku enabled TVs from your Safari browser
• Cast from Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitch (natively supported apps) or from Facebook, Udemy and many more
• Cast web videos (MP4, MOV, live streams)
• Control playback from Safari, no remote control or additional apps needed
• Cast to any number of TVs, Send to Roku will connect to any home device
• You can close your computer after the video streaming starts on your smart TV
• Just plug and play - no cables, no extra apps, no configuration required

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