A special browser for visually impaired users

• Voice read pages with a tap while navigating on the web.
Perfect to use when it's hard for you to read text, while you are driving or when you cannot focus on your device

• Blink lets you navigate on the web and it can read (speak) the highlighted text or pressed paragraph on the page. It can read your favourite sites while you are driving, working or whenever you cannot focus or read from your device

• It will automatically detect the language of your page and the voice is natural and very clear

• Your mobile internet connection will not be overused since the recognition is done locally and you will save a lot of bandwidth cost

• Universal app, supported on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

- Navigate on the web
- Press on a paragraph and the browser will read it
- Read the highlighted text on the browser with a natural  and clear voice
- Auto detect the language of the text
- Standard browser functionalities (refresh, go back, go forward, bookmark, URL autocomplete)
- Standard voice player functionalities (pause, stop, replay)

- English
- Arabic (اللغة العربية)
- Chinese (中国语文)
- Czech (Český jazyk)
- Danish (Danske Sprog)
- Dutch (Nederlandse Taal)
- Finnish (Suomen kieli)
- French (Française)
- German (Deutsch)
- Greek (Ελληνική Γλώσσα)
- Hindi
- Hungarian (Magyar Nyelv)
- Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
- Italian (Italiana)
- Japanese (日本語)
- Korean (한국어)
- Norwegian (Norsk Språk)
- Polish (Polski Język)
- Portuguese (Idioma Português)
- Romanian (Română)
- Russian (Русский язык)
- Slovak (Slovenský Jazyk)
- Spanish (Idioma Español)
- Swedish (Svenska Språket)
- Thai (ภาษาไทย)
- Turkish (Türk Dili)

Enjoy !

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