Browser Monster

Browser privacy protector & history cleaner

Browser Monster is specially designed to protect your privacy when you navigate the Internet.

The tool can make the cleanup automatically when you close your browser or when you want it to run.
It's an ideal tool to have when you use a shared computer or you just want to clear your traces after you use your browser.

Browser Monster can:
• Run a cleanup automatically when you close your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) or on demand
• Dispose sensitive data (navigation history, cookies, form values and many more) from your browser and no one will ever know what you did online

Use Browser Monster when:
• You do not want to worry to reset your browser every time you close it
• Your browsers are full of sensitive information and navigation history that you want to dispose
• You need to restore your browsers initial settings and state
• You need to erase files that violate your privacy and do not allow people see where you were surfing the Internet
• Your browsers are slow, clunky, quit unexpectedly or you have navigation problems
• You receive targeted ads that know what interests you and what websites you are visiting

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