Dark Mode for Safari

Make Safari more comfortable & cool

Dark Mode makes your Safari browser more comfortable, enjoyable and cool by changing the colour scheme to make web pages easier to read. Works especially well for people working during the night or in low light environments by applying a cool dark theme on any website.

Currently Safari extensions (actions) on iOS do not run automatically. This means that you must call Dark Mode every time a page loads (the dark theme will disappear when you navigate to a different page or site). The good news is that for modern websites (like Youtube or Facebook) this is not true, Dark Mode will stay on when you use modern sites.

• Once you activate the extension you have a new action available in Safari
• Just press the Dark Mode action to change the theme of the site

• Apply a cool dark theme on any website
• Perfect every time you want to read a long article, research a big page or make a presentation
• A simple and powerful Safari extension (action), easy to activate and use

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