Parental control & habit focus

Fortify is a simple utility that can block websites and applications. It can be used as a parental control system or a distraction mitigation tool. It makes the computer safer for your kids and for every day work.
You can password protect Fortify and keep the preferences private from your kids. The app stores the configuration in an inaccessible location and no one can quit or disable the application, not even your smart kid with advanced IT skills.
• Parental Control: block inappropriate websites or give access only to specific websites and make the navigation safer for education and casual access. Lock applications, create schedules, keep your kids safe. The app comes packed with predefined dangerous sites (Porn, Gambling and more), making it easier to setup a safe environment.
• Focus: disable distracting websites and applications, keep your work focus, create habits.
• Easy to use, there is no system configuration required
• Password protect the app (including Touch ID), keep preferences private, the app cannot be disabled or closed
• Websites are blocked in Safari (including Technology Preview), Chrome (including Canary), Edge, Opera, Brave and Vivaldi
• You can lock any app on your computer
• Block custom domains or give access only to specific websites. Block URLs and keywords
• Block applications or give access only to specific applications
• Check the access report, what sites and apps were opened or blocked on your computer
• Schedule blocking by specifying days, hours or intervals
• Create multiple profiles, activate them individually or schedule each one when you need them
• The app predefines over 400.000 domains with inappropriate content and a lot more domains are blocked by keywords
• Create backups, export and import lists of domains and keywords
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