A children safe browser for his iPhone & iPad

Navigate safely on the web with no ads, aggressive sites, spyware or malware - perfect for kids, schools, businesses and casual navigation

• Parental Control - block inappropriate content or set accessible-only sites and make the navigation safer for education, presentations and casual access
• AdBlock - disable annoying ads and banners from web pages
• Define navigation hours (navigation can be done between convenient hours)
• The app does NOT require registration to any service and does not act as a proxy server

• Block custom defined domains
• Give access only to specific websites
• Block ads, banners and marketing content
• Define navigation hours (navigation can be done between convenient hours)
• The settings can be password protected

The app predefines:
• 10.000+ domains serving ads or tracking services
• Over 400.000 domains with inappropriate content: adult, aggressive, spyware or services keeping an eye on where you surf and what you do
• A lot more domains are blocked by keywords

Example usage:
- A school can set only navigation
- A parent can block the browser navigation after bed-time o'clock for his children
- A restaurant can set a reservation/menu page access only for it's customers

Important notes:
• The browser predefines known dangerous services and sites. Please note that it's possible for some webpages to be displayed although the content is inappropriate if the domain is not listed by the app
• You can also define your own custom blocked domains
• The database of blocked domains and possible dangerous content is constantly updated with new entries

• GreenLights browser does NOT act as a proxy server and will not monitor or collect your traffic in any way
• Universal app, available for iPhone, iPod and iPad

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