Hearing Aid

Surroundings sound booster

This application is designed to improve your hearing by amplifying the sounds around you.
You can use it if you have trouble perceiving your surroundings or when you feel uncomfortable wearing headphones and not knowing what is happening around (sound transparency).
The microphone picks up sound the around you, the application boosts the volume and reduces the noise, then your headphones sends these amplified sounds to your ear. All these very fast.
• Select from any microphone, amplify the sound to any headsets
• Control the volume booster level
• Control the system wide sound volume
• Control the advanced features: pan, noise reduction and sound equaliser
• Hotkeys setup for enabling and opening the application
• Using bluetooth or wireless headsets can cause a small delay between the event and the sound due to environment limitations. It is recommended to use wired/cabled headsets
• Bluetooth microphones cannot deliver the best quality sound, please use a high quality microphone
• Please note that a high volume boost or close proximity can cause a noisy feedback between your microphone and your headsets
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