Encrypt the web and stay safe

When visiting a website, a person usually leaves a lot of information about himself. And without any measures on the part of the site owner, these personal data may be stolen. If you do not want something of the sort to happen, thing about accessing all sites via the HTTPS technology.

HTTPS Only is a Safari extension that protects your browsing activity by automatically enabling the HTTPS protocol on all websites that you visit. By loading the HTTPS version of websites into your browser, all your traffic will be encrypted, reliable and surveillance free.

Although major websites already encrypt the traffic by using HTTPS, it’s not guaranteed that you use this technology - sometimes is not active by default or some embedded assets are loaded through the default and unencrypted HTTP connections. Also, clicking links can redirect you to the insecure versions of sites. Actually more than 75% of websites out there still rely on unencrypted HTTP communications.

The HTTPS Only extension will fix these problems by rewriting all your requests from HTTP to HTTPS. It will also make sure that the assets from the visited websites (images, styles, scripts or ads) are transferred via the safe HTTPS and no one can steal your cookies, passwords, sessions or private data.

• What is the HTTPS protocol and why should you care?
Did you know that browsing the web in a coffee shop, airport or hotel with free internet access can be dangerous? Even your own home or company internet connection is not safe. This is because the common HTTP web traffic can be intercepted in clear text, inspected and even modified by anyone.
HTTPS has significantly more secure since this protocol will encrypt your communications.

• The benefits of the HTTPS protocol and why should you use it?
- Faster page loading: data sent over HTTPS loads faster since the new HTTP/2 protocol is available in Safari only on encrypted communications
- Confidentiality: no one can read your content, passwords or messages
- Integrity: your traffic cannot be modified - for example, no key-loggers can be injected
- Authentication: your site cannot be routed to a clone without you knowing it

• Is this a VPN service?
No, this extension is not a VPN service, but is very efficient and safe as a VPN. This extension will make sure you are using only HTTPS in your surfing and the usage of HTTPS will make your traffic encrypted, reliable and surveillance free. Also, HTTPS is much faster than a VPN.

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