Internet Gate

Limit web data traffic

Internet Gate is a simple utility that blocks Internet and network access for any application on your Mac.
With this app you can stop automatic updates, online backups or media syncing from consuming precious bandwidth when you need it the most.
It's a firewall for applications that can save bandwidth and money, make your Internet connection faster and protect your privacy.
Maybe you already know this, but a lot of apps secretly check on the Internet behind the scenes without asking for your permission.
This is a problem especially when you are accessing a public Wi-Fi, a slow hotspot or when you are using an expensive data plan.
You can block access only for a few apps or for the entire computer except some applications - the configuration can be very flexible.
• It's invisible and always active, even when you log off. You don't have to keep any window active
• Keep a list of apps that aren't allowed (or are the only ones allowed) to make network connections. Child processes are also blocked
• Both uploads and downloads are not allowed
• Stop automatic updates, online backups, photo syncing when you need a good bandwidth - prevent background apps from downloading data when you are surfing on a mobile hotspot, public Wi-Fi or an expensive one
• Designed for macOS: simple app based on new and modern technologies
• Protect your privacy, save bandwidth costs and browse faster
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