Transcribe & translate movies

With Libretto you can convert audio and video files to text. It can translate the resulting transcription to any language and you can also import movies from Youtube.
• Use this app to take notes from recorded meetings, interviews, courses or movies. Stop searching through hours of video files for your needed information.
• Use Libretto as an accessibility tool, perfect for people with hearing problems who want to understand a movie or a course. Autogenerate captions for any recording or movie from Youtube.
• Use this app if you do not understand the original language of the audio file - translate the text it into your own language. Your video is in Chinese? No problem, let Libretto translate it for you.
The entire transcription process is done privately on your computer, while you transcribe you can even close your internet connection if you truly care about your data and privacy.
If you choose to translate the text to another language, Google Translate will be used and this requires an internet connection.
The free app can transcribe an unlimited number of files, up to 5 paragraphs. Upgrade to PRO and convert any media file to text fast and easy without any time limit.
• Transcribe audio and video files to text
• Translate the resulting text to any language (more than 110 languages to choose from)
• It supports multiple file formats: mp3, mp4, mov and many more media formats
• Import movies directly from Youtube
• Export and share the transcription with any app
• Easy to use, simple user interface
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