Mirror My Phone

Listen, play, mirror, record

With Mirror My Phone you can mirror your device, listen to music, play games on big computer screens and record media from your iPhone and iPad.
Connect to your computer with a lightning cable and transform your device into a music player, a gamepad or joystick, a recording device. Show demos, read documents, view photos, enjoy Youtube movies. All on big computer screens.
Just plug and play, no setup required, no extra apps.
• Instantly mirror your mobile device (iPhone and iPad) screen and audio, including music, to your Mac. Take screenshots of your device
• Video Mode: show presentations, check photos and documents, enjoy Youtube content
• Music Mode: listen to music from your phone, transform your computer into phone speakers
• Recording Mode: record phone screen, audio and your voice
• HD quality, no latency, transform your phone into a gamepad or joystick and play realtime games on your big computer screen
• Plug and play: connect to your computer with a lightning cable and you are ready to go
• The display will automatically adapt to the size of your device in portrait, landscape modes or fullscreen
Some apps do not allow recording. For example, phone calls, WhatsApp calls, FaceTime calls cannot be recorded. Also some iOS apps will not allow video mirroring (for example, Netflix and other copyrighted apps).
No additional apps installed on your phone, no setup or configuration, just plug and play - with Mirror My Phone you can mirror your device, enjoy gameplay and listen to music on big computer screens.
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