Phone Mechanic

File Transfer for Android

With Phone Mechanic you can connect your Android device (phone, tablet, music player, media box) to your Mac computer and access its content directly in Finder (natively explore Android files and folders directly in Finder). Just connect your device using an USB cable and you are good to go.
Quickly transfer photos, videos, downloads or entire folders between your Mac and your device using the familiar Finder from macOS. Easy integration, fast access, no setup required, just plug and play.
The native Finder integration means that you can use your Android device just like any other external storage and check file previews or contents instantly, without downloads or extra steps. All apps on your computer will recognise your phone as a storage device and can interact with it - read, store or edit files directly.
• Transfer files and folders between your Mac and Android devices (any MTP compatible devices, phones, tablets, media players)
• Connect your Android device to your Mac computer via USB cables. As soon as the device is plugged in, you'll get access to its content directly in the Finder
• Complete Finder integration, explore files and folders using the native macOS Finder. No need to learn a new user interface or commands
• All Mac apps will recognise your Android device and can interact with it - read, store or edit files without transfer
• Preview photos and videos with thumbnails, just like any media file from your computer
• Create, remove, rename and edit files, organise folders
• Backup content, cleanup phone storage
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