Pip Me

Your webcam in recordings & screencasts

Pip Me displays your webcam on the screen during a presentation, screencast or recording.
The app is perfect when you are broadcasting your desktop and it is important for your audience to see you.
It can also be used when you are recording the screen and your webcam is an important part of the presentation.
You can select any webcam or attached video camera, including your iPhone and iPad (device screen mirroring). And you can create any number of thumbnails, each one with a different camera and transparency.
Even if your broadcasting or recording software supports picture in picture webcams, maybe you need more options, more devices, more control - Pip Me does just that.
You can use it with Zoom, Skype, Teams and during PowerPoint presentations or QuickTime recordings - actually any service out there.
• Display your webcam as a thumbnail on your screen
• Select any video camera, including your iPhone and iPad (device screen mirroring)
• Create any number of thumbnails (picture in picture windows)
• Resize the thumbnails, including full screen
• Change the transparency of the pictures
• Float the thumbnails above all your apps
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