Snippets for Safari

Fill forms faster with templates

Snippets is a wonderful Safari extension that lets you instantly insert blocks of text every time you have to write a standard chunk of content.
Quickly insert text from your own templates - standard email replies, signatures, online documents, forms or hard to memorise information (phone numbers, addresses, legal content). Save time without typos and copy/paste by using a simple keyboard shortcut.
Snippets also supports rich text, variables, tags, fast and intelligent filtering and navigation and many more.
• Insert text snippets based on your own templates in the browser on any website or form
• Everything is stored locally, no remote service involved, no accounts, no logins
• Personalise messages with variables (custom fields) that you can define before sending the text to your browser
• Fast search and navigation. Do all operations with your keyboard
• Supports rich text and clickable links
• Save time and get more done by using text snippets to replace common tasks and do not search-copy-paste again
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