Tabs Saver for Safari

Save, restore & bookmark tabs

If you want to save your browsing session for later or you have too many tabs opened in the browser, use Tabs Saver to reduce all tabs into one list. Anytime you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.
You can also copy the list of opened tabs from Safari and paste or share it to your email, notes, reminders.
The app can also autosave your tabs, so even if your browser crashed or you forgot to save some sessions, you can still find them in Tabs Saver.
You can save an unlimited number of sessions (each browser window can be reduced into a list) and you can favourite or edit any group. Also, you can add, remove and search for tabs. This makes Tabs Saver a great browser manager also.
When your tabs are listed in Tabs Saver, you will save up to 90% of memory, reduce energy consumption, CPU load and heat (speed up your computer) because your browser will manage only one tab.
• Save/backup all your tabs into one list and multiple sessions (groups)
• Autosave tabs and sessions: recover them after browser crashes or when you forgot to save something important
• Copy the list of opened tabs to clipboard - and paste or share it to your email, notes, reminders
• Organise your tabs in folders
• Rename, favourite or delete sessions (groups)
• Add, remove and search for tabs
• Drag and drop links between sessions (groups)
• Restore any tab (or all) with one click
• Send sessions to Trash, recover them later if you change your mind
• Selection mode: copy, remove and restore only the selected links/tabs
• Save any number of sessions, browser windows and tabs
• After you collapse your tabs, Tabs Saver can close all tabs or the entire browser automatically
• Unloading tabs will reduce memory usage, energy consumption, processor load and make your computer much faster
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