Track changes for any file

This application is a simple versioning system for tracking changes in your important files and documents. New versions are created automatically when updates are detected in your file. You can also add versions manually as you need them.

Versions supports any file type: Photoshop designs, Archicad or AutoCAD projects, Final Cut or After Effects media files, GarageBand music files, actually any document out there can be versioned with this application.
It also supports Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InCopy or Adobe InDesign project files.

The versions database can be stored in a backup folder (like Dropbox, SkyDrive or Drive) or on external drives - a good way to keep everything safe and manageable.

• Track changes (keep a history of versions) in your important files and documents
• View your past edits, restore previous versions and never lose your work
• Easy to use, no setup required, no complicated options - just select a file to version and you can forget about it
• Create new versions automatically or manually for better management
• Compatible with any file type, from office documents and media files to complex architectural projects. Versions is compatible with any document type
• Communicate more efficiently with your clients: show them the history of your work faster and easier
• Keep your files safe: store the versions database in a backup system (like Dropbox or Drive) or on external drives and never loose your work
• Be more productive and forget about backups, Time Machine or multiple copies of the same file

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