Video Doctor

Repair damaged media files

With Video Doctor you can repair corrupted, damaged or unplayable video files. It can also repair media that can be played, but contain errors, is dropping frames, have strange pixels or cannot be rendered by all players.
Your files can be corrupted because of various reasons like incomplete copying or download, accidentally turned off or broken camera, dead battery, software crash, faulty hardware.
Video Doctor can repair such files in most of the cases.
• Cam repair unplayable MP4, MOV, M4V, 3GP video formats
• It can remove errors from any video format
• Simple app, just 2 buttons and 1 option
• Repair your files fast, easy preview, no complicated options
Not all videos can be repaired and this is available for any media recovery software out there, it depends on the kind of damages it has.
With the free version of the app, if the repair process is successful, you can preview the video, but you cannot export the file.
The application contains one in-app purchase option (one time payment, never expires). After the purchase Video Doctor will be able to export any number of repaired video files.
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