Repair & recover damaged Zip files

ZipDoctor can repair and recover damaged or corrupt Zip archives.
Your files can be inaccessible because of various reasons like incomplete copying or download, compression issues or mishandling. For all these reasons, ZipDoctor is your solution.

••• Supported archive types •••
Zip archives (.zip extension) from any storage solution (memory cards, external disks, CDs and more) and made with any operating system (Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and more).


• Repairs corrupt or damaged Zip archives
• Recovers zip files stored on old or incompatible file systems
• Repairs Zip archives not accessible due to file header damages, incomplete download or copying
• Recovers all healthy files from your Zip archive
• It can handle any damage reason like compression issues, mishandling, incomplete download or copying from flash drives, memory cards, hard disks, external disks or CDs
• Easy to use, does not need any special requirements or system settings


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